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Decentralized margin trading protocol

Easily trade your favorite BSC tokens with up to
10x leverage and earn multiple DeFi revenue streams

Trade, lend, borrow, earn and more, in a growing suite of DeFi products


The official cryptocurrency of SatoshiStreetBets

A community of 750,000 crypto traders with diamond hands 💎🙌

Buy now on PancakeSwap

SatoshiSwap is on the BSC network and you need BNB to purchase it

How to Buy SatoshiSwap

1. Create a BSC wallet. We recommend

2. Buy BNB from Binance and transfer to your BSC wallet from step 1

3. Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap and buy from here

A masterpiece in DeFi rewards and passive income

The SatoshiSwap ecosystem is designed from the ground up to reward participants

Securely deposit in our audited vaults and earn interest

Earn Interest

Securely deposit in our audited vaults and passively earn interest

Yield Farming

Farm yield by providing liquidity to the SatoshiSwap DEX


Lock up your tokens in the HODL bar and receive staking rewards

Trading Fees

A percentage of each trade is shared with token holders

Liquidation Fees

All liquidated trades that occur on the SatoshiSwap margin dex are shared with token holders

Diamond Hands

A temporary token that tracks those who HODL and deserves maximum rewards. Tradeable and composable in it's own right.

Community participation

SatoshiSwap is distributed to community members in proportion to the upvotes their content receives

Vault Fees

A percentage of fees from the vaults are shared with token holders

Leveraged Burn

SatoshiSwap by design burns tokens in proportion to how much activity occurs on the margin dex. With leveraged trades occuring, this means burns will occur in proportion to the amount of leverage e.g. x10.

The SatoshiSwap DEX

On the SatoshiSwap DEX you can make margin trades as easily and quickly as a regular swap on PancakeSwap or UniSwap. It runs on Binance Smart Chain.

Margin Trading

Easy leveraged trades. Open long or short positions with up to 10x leverage


We make leveraged trading as simple as doing a PancakeSwap trade


Deposit into the decentralized vault and lend out your tokens to earn interest

Liquidity providing

Provide liquidity and earn rewards

Community Rewards

Community Rewards

To bootstrap adoption of SatoshiSwap and reward community members for their contributions to the SSB ecosystem, SatoshiSwap will be continously distributed to members of the SatoshiStreetBets subreddit and platform (under development).

How it works

On the SatoshiSwap DEX you can make margin trades as easily as a regular swap on PancakeSwap or UniSwap. It runs on Binance Smart Chain and is built using trusted, well-known DeFi primitives such as the Automated Market Maker and classic lending protocols.

When the margin trader chooses to close their position the smart contracts automatically calculate their profit or loss and then allows them to withdraw the approriate amount of profit from the vault.

There is a decentralized liquidation system in place to handle margin positions which become too unprofitable and a decentralized insurance fund to protect vault deposits against sudden extreme market movements.

How it works


Welcome to the coolest bar in crypto. Kick back, relax and HODL your SatoshiSwap tokens.

In return for parking your precious SatoshiSwap tokens in the HODL bar you'll receive an allocation of "Diamond Hands", a temporary token which proves you're HODL-ing and deserve a proportion of the rewards and fees flowing through the ecosystem.

A masterpiece in DeFi rewards and passive income

The SatoshiSwap ecosystem is designed from the ground up to reward participants:

Audited Smart Contracts
Audited Smart Contracts

The SatoshiSwap protocol has been successfully reviewed by Peckshield and the report can be read here

Battle Tested DeFi Components
Battle Tested DeFi Components

SatoshiSwap is a novel margin trading system with plenty of original code but we've also used tried-and-tested DeFi components which have processed billions of dollars worth of cryptocurencies, to keep your funds safe.

Insurance Fund

To protect the protocol against extreme, volatile market conditions causing unfair losses to participants, there is a decentralized insurance fund built in to the system. Read more here

Audited Smart Contracts
Experienced Developers

One of our developers is a former CTO of a DeFi project that peaked at a 9 figure market cap and another of our developers has worked with multiple blue-chip DeFi projects.


Q1 2022
Presale and Token Launches

  • Joint presale for SatoshiSwap and Derpy Toshi
  • Tokens go live on PancakeSwap and Uniswap
  • Margin Trading platform is launched
  • platform
  • SatoshiStreetBets NFT's

Q2 2022
Second DeFi Project & Further Development

More details about this will be revealed in the weeks ahead. Rewards from this project flow back to SatoshiSwap holders.

There will be further development and features added to SatoshiSwap and Derpy Toshi.

Q3 2022
Community Involvement

We will take votes from the community as to what direction to take at this point. Just know that we'll be working on this project long-term and we'll be serving our community and doing our utmost to further the cause.

SatoshiSwap Distribution

Total Supply
Circulating Supply
Seed Investors
Air Drops
Insurance fund

All the benefits of decentralization


Jump straight in, with no registration, verification or KYC/AML required!


You are 100% in control of your funds at all time and there is no trusted third party involved in the process. Your keys and your funds!

Decentralized governance

Once the SatoshiSwap project reaches network maturity the DAO will direct all aspects of development and governance through a provably fair voting scheme

Decentralized price oracle system

This is no reliance on external third parties for price data (e.g. no chainlink, no centralized nodes)

100% on-chain

The entire margin trading system is deployed on unbreakable smart contracts with no centralized components

Tokenized Composable Positions

Margin positions are tokenized as composable NFT's enabling in the future more sophisticated financial instruments to be built on top of the protocol (DeFi lego bricks)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your smart contracts audited?

Yes. You can read the successful audit of our novel margin trading contracts by Peckshield here

I bought in the presale, how do I get my SatoshiSwap?
How much funds have been spent so far on developing SatoshiSwap?
How do I take part in the presale?
Why is there a whitelist program to take part?
What can you tell us about the Derpy Toshi?

Derpy Toshi is a meme token, backed by SatoshiStreetBets. To prevent copycats stealing our original name, artwork and ideas we will be keeping the precise details of it a secret until after the presale.

Can I take part if I can't get whitelisted?
Will you still be distributing SatoshiSwap to Reddit members?
Is leverage for the margin dex capped at 10x?
What connection does this project have to SatoshiStreetBets?

The founder of SatoshiStreetBets David Gilbert is leading this project. He is in charge of the SatoshiStreetBets Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Discord, and will ensure SatoshiSwap and Derpy Toshi are deeply integrated into these communities. We are aware there are fake SSB communities that have stolen our name and have addressed this here.

Are team tokens vested?

Yes. Some more precise details about aspects of the tokenomics such as these will be documented later in December before the presale.